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Gilmore Girls
And you thought Stars Hollow was eccentric. (Town meetings at 3 am! Carnivals! Festivals! Reenactments! Ladies and gentleman, the resident town crazy, Kirk! Or is it Babette?) Well,

nothing, not even Taylor renaming the streets after diseases because a 200-year-old town map said so, compares to the totally twisted and wickedly whacked-out world of Emily and Richard Gilmore. And nothing more brilliantly illustrated that craziness than the last 10 minutes of this episode. The first 45 or so were typical quirky fare: Lorelai looking at flowers for a wedding she's postponed. Rory swooping in to save the

Yale Daily News after Paris loses it. Luke bonding with his kid over geometry homework while the entire town gapes at them through a store window. But the moment the doors to the Gilmore estate swung open, we witnessed the accusing, the shouting, the defending, the drinking. And all of it perfectly captured with fast-paced, handheld-camera shots documenting different characters' points of view. First, we were Lorelai watching Rory shout at Grandma and Grandpa about wanting Chris' tuition money. Then we were Rory watching her mother defend her against Emily and Richard's denials of the evil Huntzbergers. Then we were the maid witnessing the total family meltdown. Jump cut from dinner to sorbet ("Mango?" "Passion fruit."), then coffee ("You almost bought a plane!"), then to the parlor and Emily retelling her tongue-lashing of Shira Huntzberger. ("I wish I'd called her a cocktail waitress!" she declared. "That's Mom's version of the c-word!" snorted Lorelai. Which is my vote for favorite Gilmore quote ever!) OK, so did everyone air their dirty laundry or what? The DAR, Lorelai's teen pregnancy, Luke's kid, what more is there? By the time those two stumbled out of there, there was a 21-year-old pile of emotional socks and underwear and T-shirts left behind. The big question: Will Lorelai schlep it all to the laundromat or will Emily and Richard finally clean up? Robin Honig
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