Gilmore Girls Reunited and it feels so good. Even the second time around. Yeah, we've seen Rory and Lorelai back together for a while now. But it still was great to watch them wildly running toward each other, hugging right there on the front lawn. (In homage to all those movies with the fabulously cheesy slo-mo shots of lovers desperately sprinting across the sand.) What other show could do that great homecoming, a DNA project that reveals a long-lost love child and the almost-purchase of a private airplane by a distraught grandmother? Not to mention my all-time favorite: the TV shout-out. Did you catch it? It was when Luke and Lorelai were fighting during dinner. He's fuming about Chris' phone call, she's shouting about his grandmother's ugly furniture. "Enjoy Wisteria Lane, you major drama queen!" she yells across the table while Sookie and Jackson look on in horror. "Wrap yourself in a towel and trip over a hedge on your way out!" she shouts as he storms away from the table. Doubt he even watches Housewives

, but it's a genius ref on her part. Funny, but I kinda blew right by that scene the first time this ep aired. But another look reveals a little symbolism: Chris and old bedroom furniture come up in the same argument. Interesting. He and Lorelai have been getting along well lately, almost a little too well. Makes me wonder how meaningful that really is. But for now, I'll enjoy watching mother-daughter bonding at its best.