Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls
Ouch! Quit it! Cut it out! Ow! Make it stop! Yeah, that was me bobbing and weaving, ducking and diving my way through the entire hour. I barely made it, battered and bruised by all the blatant symbolism in this ep. And now my head really, really hurts. It's hard to decide which one was the knockout blow. So many to choose from Jess is back! From out of the shadows! And he wrote a book! He's (are you ready?) doing something with his life

. Logan is drunk! He parties all the time! He doesn't want to go with his dad to Omaha! He's... (are you sitting down?) aimlessly wandering through his life. Rory's fed up with Emily's strict rules! She spends the night at Lane's! She refuses to wear her party dress! She's... (wait for it!) pushing her grandparents out of her life. Lorelai's a mess! She's crying over her crazy, sick dog! Who's been bringing pairs of shoes down from her closet! That point to Rory's room! She's... (can you handle it?) lost without her daughter in her life.

Sigh. Even my high-school English class didn't force-feed so many metaphors. This from a show that can wow and zing us with witty cultural references that fly, no, sail right over our heads if we're not giving it every ounce of our attention. Whatever happened to subtle? Ugh. Pass the Tylenol. Robin Honig

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