Gilmore GirlsFor a few minutes there, I actually misplaced my dislike for Logan. It's definitely not gone or anything. I'm pretty sure I'd find it someplace on the Huntzberger Vineyard compound, maybe right outside the veranda in the sand dunes. But in the meantime, I found something far more important and way more powerful: pity. Yep, I actually feel sorry for the poor schmuck. Especially since he did right this time around, especially by Luke (who happened to share my feelings for the kid). Logan graciously invited him and Lorelai on the getaway weekend. He didn't patronize his game on the b-ball court but still apologized for every basket he scored. He gave Luke the diamond necklace so he wouldn't be empty-handed on Valentine's Day. Suddenly "Rory's snobby boyfriend" (yes, ladies, those were Luke's words, not mine) could do no wrong by his potential father-in-law. Ah, and there we have it: the f-word. Looks like someone else has daddy issues. Last week it was Rory. This week it's Logan. But you know what? This time I don't blame him. The anger, the yelling, the demanding, the you

do not get to decide what you do with your life! There

is no turning off your pager! There are no weekends away with your girlfriend! There is no party after graduation! All the outdoor, candlelit lobster bakes, the extra diamonds stashed in the back of the Porsche and the endless stretches of sapphire Atlantic real estate do not make this nightmare of a father go away. OK, Logan, you have my sympathy. You've got me convinced that life's not a beach. For now.