Zach Braff, <EM>Scrubs</EM> Zach Braff, Scrubs
Gilmore Girls
Love is never having to say thank you for a heinous, hot-pink, snakeskin monstrosity of a Birkin bag. (Especially when you're a J.Crew-on-sale kind of girl.) Maybe somebody should've told Rory before she said those three little words to Logan. (My preference? "Get lost, loser." Give me four or five words, and I can do 

so much better.) I've gotten some flak for not being a Logan fan. ("He's cute! He's smart! He's loaded! Are you stupid, or just insane?") Here's my answer to that one: Did you see the look on her face when she opened that gift? When was it more obvious that he's not right for her? (Dare I bring out the big guns and mention how ugly it gets later in the season? How 'bout when he tags along with Rory and Jess, gets drunk and throws a hissy fit at the restaurant?) Look, Logan's the well-groomed varsity quarterback straight out of Emily and Richard's pretentious playbook. And unfortunately, he's everything we don't like about their game: Carelessly tossing around money. (That ugly purse cost more than 10 grand! And he's not even spending his own dough!). Making pompous judgments about how others make their living. ("How's your little book coming along, Jess?") Ignoring Rory's needs so that he can look like the big man. (Dare I mention that stupid bag again?) Well, at least we know the man is on his way out. Poor, poor Logan. I can hardly wait.