Gilmore Girls
Isn't Alexis Bledel's longer, curly hair sooo pretty? It looks much nicer down than when it was in that disastrous updo at last week's wedding. But I'm just dwelling on Ms. Rory Gilmore's coiffure to avoid the painful subject of Luke and Lorelai's breakup. Didn't you hate seeing Lorelai reduced to leaving him that agonizing answering-machine message? Can't blame her for sneaking into his place to steal the tape back — we've all thought about doing the same at least once in our lives. Although, sorry to nitpick, but that plot point seemed rather anachronistic — doesn't everyone have voice mail these days?

American Idol
Is Aa'isha Jackson any relation to Jacko? The girl clearly wishes she was, since she has her mimicry of Michael's "Never Can Say Goodbye" (circa the Jackson Five era) down pat. Oddly enough, she dressed for that performance with his black fedora from the "Smooth Criminal" video. And yet she seriously wonders how she didn't get tapped to be one of tonight's 44 finalists. Aa'isha, your mind is not aiight.

How strange that JD and Turk were competing romantically to the theme from Sanford and Son? It's even weirder that JD's new girlfriend Kylie is played by Simone No. 2 from Passions! Oh, erm, sorry. For all you non-soap-addicts, Kylie's portrayer, Chrystee Pharris, was the second of three actresses to play Whitney Russell's jealous, whiny little sister Simone on NBC's supernatural sudser. Scrubs is a better gig for her. At least on this show Chrystee's macking on Zach Braff instead of vying with her sibling for the sexual attentions of their long-lost brother who they don't even know is their brother. Yuck! Long story — don't get me started talkin' 'bout my soaps.

So after I notice the Kylie thing, the episode gets even more fascinatingly odd. Clay Aiken is the guest star and, of course, they have to find a random excuse for Opie to sing. (Claymates, remain calm. John C. McGinley's Dr. Cox called him Opie, not me. Please, no more angry mail. Please!) "JD's Sitcom Fantasy" was a clever way to squeeze in and showcase his musical moment without it feeling forced. And Clay was awfully convincing as Kenny, the nerdy hick cafeteria worker, wasn't he? (Claymates, that was a testament to his acting talent, not a crack at his being from North Carolina. Please, no more angry mail. Please! I beg you!)

Dr. Phil: Romance Rescue
What Amazing Race fan could resist Dr. Phil grilling Jonathan and Victoria? After his gruff talk in our Insider interview, I think he ended up going a little too easy on them. How about you? Still, Jonathan did do some uncomfortable squirming and Victoria — not Dr. Phil — did politely cut him off when he tried to blame all his abusive, misogynistic remarks on Race's editing. Plus, we got a prurient peek at Victoria's Playboy past. Reality "stars" are so classy.

It's Rhoda! OK, it's actually just Valerie Harper playing Nate's mental-patient mother, Lily. I'm still not sold on Committed's aren't-we-delightfully-daffy? premise, but it's a TV rule of mine that if Rhoda guest-stars on anything, I watch. What else but Harper and Joanna Kerns playing Andy Dick's lesbian mothers could've ever compelled me to tune into Less Than Perfect? Speaking of gay old times, I loved Lily's comment to Nate: "You know, sweetheart, it's not easy for me to accept another woman in your life. Why couldn't you have been gay? I would've been such an understanding mother to a gay son... I just hate to see you waste those eyelashes." Now that's cute. I'll be sure to switch on Committed again the next time Rhoda pops by — but not before then.

Didja spot Debi Mazar as the murdered chick's hairdresser friend? Her New Yawk accent is adorable and there's something mystifying about those azure-blue eyes of hers, lined with that sexy, smoky eye shadow. But listen to me going on about her! I guess Debi's my straight crush of the night. Anyway, how sweet when Andy — excuse me, Sgt. Sipowicz — posed for that sentimental photo with Medavoy (Gordon Clapp) and gave him that pep talk to make him feel OK about retiring from "the job." You got a li'l bit choked up, too, admit it. As for Lt. Bale's shooting — and possible paralysis, based on what he said in next week's sneak-peek trailer — I didn't care so much about that. Nothing against Currie Graham; he just hasn't been on the show long enough for me to get all worked up over it. Now let anything bad happen to my fave fey secretary, Bill Brochtrup, and you'll see me very grumpy.