<EM>My Name Is Earl</EM> My Name Is Earl
Gilmore GirlsHistory is in the making! The change will be both swift and brutal! The Empire that is Emily and Richard is about to fall! Well, that's if Chris comes through with the money. And if there aren't any strings attached. And those are two really big "if"s. With his track record, I'm not so sure about "if" No. 2. (Remember the last time we saw him? Uh-huh . And did you notice that Lorelai didn't mention exactly whom

she's going to marry? Right.) Here's the thing: It just seems too easy. Chris pays off Yale, effectively removing Grams and Gramps from the equation. No more Friday-night dinners. No more reasons to randomly visit campus or casually drop by the inn. No more nasty games, no more horrible insults, no more cruel manipulation. Over. Done. But can it be that simple? That neat and tidy? No way. The Gilmores are all about money and power. (And I'm not just talking about Emily and Richard, either.) Lorelai was raised in that world, she ran from it and she was dragged back into it, kicking and screaming. Nobody knows better than Lorelai that nothing is ever free. Not even the father of her child finally offering payback. (And yes, I mean that literally.) Rory, however, is new to this bizarre, twisted world. (Notice she was the one who jumped on the idea, not her mother.) Yeah, the girl is smart but I think she's about to get a true education.