Gilmore Girls
Could someone please give Kelly Bishop an Emmy? The fact that she and the show itself consistently get shafted every year at Emmy time is unbelievable. Her portrayal of Emily Gilmore at least deserves a Best Supporting Actress nomination, if not a win. Kelly gave us her usual brilliance as Emily went on her first date since separating from her hubby. Her final scene — where she went from being adorably happy and then suddenly crying — was poignant. I only wish they'd given us a closer shot of her at the end. Meanwhile, it was nice to see David Sutcliffe back to stir things up.

My proudest achievement when it comes to this show is that I got my mother (Joan) hooked on it a few seasons ago. I told her I just knew she'd love it because of the Kelly Bishop character. She didn't even know the WB existed. Now she refers to the show as "my Gilmore Girls," as in "I'm so excited to see my Gilmore Girls tonight."

The Biggest Loser
Yikes. They made four of them walk up 74 flights of stairs. I can barely make it up one flight of stairs, and I work out every other night. I enjoyed it when the 415-lb. Maurice psyched the rest out by making them think he was going to eat the cupcake. My biggest complaint about this show is why, oh why, do they have to show the guys shirtless if the girls don't have to be topless? Do we really need to see the guys' man boobs during the weigh-in scenes at the end? Speaking of which... bye-bye, Matt.

The Vibe Awards
Because I had heard UPN was editing out the stabbing in the audience and because I had watched the scene on all the news shows, I didn't get the vibe to watch the awards.

Manhunt: The Search For America's Most Gorgeous Male Model
Am I the only one who is still watching this show? I can't help it. It's like a train wreck that I can't look away from. Apparently Bravo was unhappy with the show's ratings, since it was moved from its plum 10 pm time slot to an 8 pm slot. But thank god for my TiVo — it magically recorded it anyway. Poor Hunter — who knew he would be the next to go? I figured it would be skinny non-catwalk-walker Rob.

The Amazing Race
The two-hour season premiere began by making me incredibly homesick for my hometown of Chicago. The shots of the contestants starting the race in front of the Buckingham Fountain and then proceeding through downtown Chicago made me miss the greatest city in America. Too bad the weather is crap!

Hands-down the most annoying couple: Jonathan and Victoria, the "married entrepreneurs" who instead should be labeled "constantly fighting married couple." Second-most annoying couple: Lori and Bolo, the "married pro wrestlers." Where do they find these people? First team to get eliminated: Avi and Joe, the "high-school buddies," who were last to arrive at the Iceland location.

According to Jim
OK — I'll admit it. I had never seen this show before. But when I saw that one of my TV faves — Kathleen Noone — was guest-starring in a return role as the mother of the Courtney Thorne-Smith character, I was there. Just as I was there Monday night when Sally Struthers guested on Still Standing (I love me some Sally). I've been a Kathleen Noone fan since she played Ellen Dalton on All My Children, then played Claudia Sumner Whittaker on my all-time fave, Knots Landing, then Kirsten's mother on Party of Five and then, of course, the super-loon Edna on Passions. Once again, Kathleen did not disappoint. The show itself did, according to Dave.

This heavily hyped new Fox show was quite intense, with its creepy going-inside-people's-bodies camera work. Nicely done. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the lead dude Hugh Laurie — his character is one of those "tell it like it is" unlikable guys. But I love anything Lisa Edelstein does (loved her since Relativity and then The West Wing, Ally McBeal and Felicity). How old do I feel when I see Robert Sean Leonard playing a doctor? He's great, though, as is Omar Epps from ER. Guest-star Robin Tunney added to the intensity as a seizure sufferer. The show is in the 24 time slot, which could eventually be good. Until American Idol returns, though, Fox will need a better lead-in for House than The Rebel Billionaire.

Part 2 of Julianna Margulies' guest appearance. Great to see her play someone completely the opposite of Nurse Carol Hathaway on ER. This is another show that gets ridiculously neglected at Emmy time. Zach Braff now needs to take the nomination formerly reserved for Kelsey Grammer and John C. McGinley needs to do the same with David Hyde Pierce's old slot. And who knew that "Second Becky" from Roseanne would be so frickin' funny? Please give Sarah Chalke the nomination usually given to Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Aniston. Ya got all that? Thanks.

Last week was Bill Brochtrop's turn to finally be involved in a story line (I call his normal appearances a "coffee-cup role" — someone who just sits there and sips coffee and reacts to others, rarely budging). This week that "coffee-cup breakout" honor went to Henry Simmons, and it was about time. Nice to see his character Jones involved with his foster son. I enjoy Currie Graham as the new boss, but he shouldn't be so mean to poor Medavoy. And I fully blame Janet Jackson for the lack of gratuitous nudity on the show these days. Damn it, Janet.

The Real World The description on my TiVo for this episode read "Landon struggles to find his place in the house." I think a better description would be "Landon struggles with his sexuality." That closet door is just bustin', boy! Wow. — Daniel R. Coleridge had the night off. Today's column was written by Dave Anderson.