Returns: Friday, April 4, at 9 pm/ET (CBS) Number of new episodes: 6

Where we left off: Lured to a haunted underground city by the spirit of her presumed dead dad (Martin Donovan), Melinda narrowly escaped a cave-in, and hubby Jim became very protective. What's next: Melinda encounters a bunch of kids living in a house that might be haunted. "And we're going to find out more about the old town that Grandview is built on, a city condemned hundreds of years ago because of a plague that one woman was blamed for," says creator John Gray. "It's become Evil Spirits Central, a repository for the toxic dead who want to stay on earth and get revenge." As Melinda struggles with these dark forces, he adds, "We are going to get a really big surprise about Melinda's lineage." Who's that girl?: Melinda's anonymity may be compromised by a pesky blogger who's gotten hold of the journal that science professor Rick Payne is keeping about her ability. "The blogger desperately needs something from Melinda," Gray says. "The threat is that he will out her as the Ghost Whisperer." Watch video clips | Photos | More Returning Favorites coverage