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George Takei's time on Celebrity Apprentice may be over, but he's not finished with Donald Trump yet. The actor and gay rights activist says he plans to persuade the real estate mogul to understand his position on gay marriage.

"He's a very fair-minded, decent man and I'm hopeful — and I'm an optimist — that being the decent man that he is, he will see [my side]," Takei tells "He certainly has a sphere of influence and [can] help create that climate where we become a better and truer democracy."

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With his reality stint over, Takei is now focusing his energy on his upcoming musical called Allegiance, which is set in the world of Japanese American internment camps during World War II. "My two passions — to educate Americans about that dark chapter of our history and my personal passion for theatre — are coming together and [we're] taking it to the biggest and most important stage in American theatre," he says.

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Watch the interview below for more on Allegiance. Plus: Takei tells us why he thinks he was wrongly fired from Apprentice and how his Facebook page has become so popular that he's had to hire an intern!