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After a nine-month hiatus, ABC's George Lopez returns tonight at 8 pm/ET with Angie fearing she's pregnant, Benny under arrest and George just trying to make sense of it all. We spoke to the comic/actor about Season 6.

TV Guide: Six years is a long time for a sitcom.
George Lopez: It is a long time, man. This has not been done before, where you have a Latino actor lead a situation comedy past 100 episodes. Chico and the Man didn't do 100 episodes. I Love Lucy did, but it was Lucy's show. Desi was the costar.

TV Guide: It's rumored this may be the final season.
That's been rumored after every season. But I don't think so because I don't think ABC is in a position where they can replace myself or [According to Jim's Jim] Belushi. Their comedies aren't very strong. If all of the single-camera [series] had been successful, then I would tell everybody, "This is gonna be it, enjoy it." But I believe there's a window that's partially open for us to return.

TV Guide: Tonight your mom goes to court, and Adam West guest-stars as her lawyer.
Everyone would like to have a big stunt, like Angelina Jolie, on their show. For me, as a child of TV, it's Adam! I spent all my time [as a kid] running around in my underwear with a towel clipped around my neck pretending I was Batman!

TV Guide: You hint at an HBO project on your website. Can you fill us in?
Yes! I have an HBO special, airing live Feb. 24, called George Lopez: America's Mexican. I don't have to justify that I've made it, but for comedy, doing an hour on HBO is when you have staked your flag at the top of the mountain.

TV Guide: When the sitcom does end, how would you like to see it go out?
I'd like Lionel Richie to be in the bar, singing 'Easy,' and us just having a good time. Or with a fantasy sequence... like Bob Newhart did. I, George Lopez, wake up after drinking and the whole show has been a fantasy! [Laughs]

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