George Clooney by Daniele Venturelli/ George Clooney by Daniele Venturelli/

As tensions between SAG and AFTRA continue and the actors' contract expiration date draws closer, George Clooney has released a two-page letter urging each group to "just talk."

In the letter, Clooney attempts to bring the two sides together, outlining each side's position from a neutral point of view and stating that both parties are right. Among the AFTRA supporters on one side are Sally Field, Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey. Team SAG, meanwhile, includes Jack Nicholson, Ben Stiller and Martin Sheen.

According to the Reporter, Clooney also notes that, given his own success as an actor, "It's my responsibility to look out for actors who are trying to stay afloat from year-to-year." Given the swiftly impending contract end, hopefully Clooney will be able to help. Will his words be effective? - Anna Dimond

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