So I get why Gary is lying about his NFL background. Presumably people would see him as a threat because he's an athlete, and think that he might not need the cash because a quarterback would probably bring in a decent chunk of change. I totally thought the jig was up when Danni a sportscaster recognized him, but he just kept lying. Good strategy; I just hope that sweet Stephenie isn't gullible enough to fall for that trick. At least she got to stick around for another few days since the Yaxhas realized that, even though she's strong, they kind of need her around. Poor Morgan wasn't even around long enough to make an impression. She looked utterly shocked when her tribe decided to send her packing. So much for that whole unity thing. Meanwhile the Nakum crew is still suffering from all sorts of ailments, but they took home both the reward and immunity challenges. These challenges are tough this season. For some fishing equipment they had to run, climb a hanging rope web, untie a bag and then swim back. Phew. I was tired just watching them. Those wicked, creative minds at Survivor also decided to come up with a combo of mud wrestling, tug-of-war and capture the flag. They all got down and dirty, but the brute strength of Judd took home the prize. He was one of the few people Brandon didn't have to encourage to "man up." It should be interesting to see what happens next. Angel Cohn

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