James Gandolfini courtesy HBO James Gandolfini courtesy HBO
The Sopranos ' patriarch may have had a debatable moral compass, but his real-life portrayer, James Gandolfini, knows how to give back. The actor is auctioning off many of his costumes from the HBO show at Christie's June 25 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that supports soldiers who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the items from Tony's wardrobe up for sale will include his monogrammed bathrobe, the blue shirt he wore in the show's opening credits and, for the more macabre among us, his blood-spattered outfit from when he was shot by Uncle Junior. Price tags are estimated to start at $500, says the

Reporter, but the robe might fetch up to $1500, while the bloody duds could run closer to $3k. In addition to Gandolfini's costumes, 37 other outfits from fellow Soprano characters will be up for auction, with their proceeds going elsewhere. Gandolfini's benefit sounds like a great idea - but would you shell out the big bucks for a charitable piece of the show? - Anna Dimond Use our Online Video Guide to survey more of The Sopranos' threads. More on James Gandolfini: " Sopranos' Gandolfini Goes from Mob Boss to Mayor " Tony Soprano to Do Some Sexual Healing " Cheers: SAG Sings The Sopranos' Praises