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Game of Thrones Star Promises Season 7 Is the Best One Yet

So sayeth Jorah Mormont of House Mormont

Amanda Bell

With George R.R. Martin's The Winds of Winter still as-yet-unpublished, Game of Thronesis officially flying forward on its own dragon wings, with no firm source material to guide its plot points and developments in the final two seasons. And according to actor Iain Glen, it's only getting better.

Glen, who plays the gravely ill Jorah Mormont in the HBO series, told Entertainment Weekly that he's been especially impressed with the scripts he's seen for the forthcoming seventh season.

"I wrote to Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] and I said I thought they were the best seven episodes they've ever written," he explained. "The story is going toward a conclusion. There's no sense of treading water. You have story lines colliding. And the evolving drama and relationships are as good as they have ever been. It definitely feels like the beginning of the end game."

Although he didn't specifically spill on what will happen in the final two-season run, he did give a hint as to what his character's motivations will be.

Since Jorah was sent away by his Queen (and the object of his deepest affection) Daenerys Targaryen with instruction to find a cure for the stone-man disease that will otherwise kill him, you might think his top priority at the moment is getting healed so that he can live an even longer life. But that's not the case.

Glen told EW, "My feeling is Jorah would die a happy man if he could get forgiveness from Daenerys. He's been in that mental territory half his life. He's always been willing to sacrifices his life for her. His loss of life is not as big for him as seeking her redemption." 'Cause that's not cryptic or anything.


Game of Thrones, HBO

Game of Thrones will return to HBO for its abbreviated seventh season on Sunday, July 16, at 9/8c.