Three hundred seventeen days. 7608 hours. 456,880 minutes. 27,388,800 seconds.

That's approximately how long it's been since Jon Snow (Kit Harington) was stabbed in Game of Thrones' fifth season finale. But after what felt like our own Long Night, the HBO drama has finally returned!

So did Jon Snow rise from his grave? Can Arya (Maisie Williams) kick butt while blind? Will anyone ever remember poor Rickon? Check out all the biggest moments from the Season 6 premiere:

The North: With Ramsay's hounds on their trail, Sansa doesn't have the luxury of anger, trusting Theon to lead her to safety and even sharing an emotional embrace. But before the pair can take any more steps towards reconciliation (or the Wall), the Bolton hunting party catches them. Luckily for Sansa, her knight in shining armor, Brienne, arrives to kick some serious butt. Sweet little Pod even gets in on the action and manages to do some damage. Three cheers for Pod!

Once all the Bolton men have been disposed of, that's when the feels begin. Brienne tearfully declares her loyalty to Sansa, finally fulfilling her promise to Catelyn and giving the potential Queen of the North her first opportunity to truly lead.

Dorne: Doran barely has time to process the news of Myrcella's murder before Ellaria and her daughter bust out their murdering knives. This gives the Sand Snakes the all-clear to ambush and kill Trystane, reminding us again how much of a missed opportunity these characters are.

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Mereen: The citizens of Mereen feel abandoned by Daenerys - and understandably. She did fly off on a dragon and never return, after all. And without Mhysa on the throne, the Sons of the Harpy are more brazen than ever, burning all the ships in the harbor.

"Ships? Where we're going, we don't need ships," Jorah and Daario (probably) think to themselves, as they track down Dany, who has once again found herself a captive of a Dothraki khal.

But Khal Moro is no Khal Drogo, and Dany is far from the sheltered woman she once was. As soon as Khal Moro dares to lay a hand on her, Dany declares herself and that she will never lay with him. Khal Moro DGAF what Dany says until she gets to the part about being Khal Drogo's widow. At that, Moro agrees to free her - but not to return to Mereen. In Dothraki culture, all widows of khals are shipped off to one central location to live out their days together because, patriarchy.

The Wall: The sound of Ghost howling at Jon's corpse might be more painful than his actual death was. Fortunately, Ghost's cries draw Davos straight to the late Lord Commander. The Onion Knight and a few Jon loyalists quickly sequester themselves with Jon's body, but before they can figure out what to do about the new Lord Commander, Alliser Thorne, guess who wanders in? The Red Woman, Melisandre, who just so happens to have the ability to raise the dead. So does she use this power?

No. Instead, she gets completely naked and stares at herself in a mirror. This all seems typical Thrones until Melisandre removes her necklace and becomes what appears to be a naked version of the witch from Snow White.

To sum up: Jon Snow is still dead.

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