Game of Thrones writer and producer Bryan Cogman has pulled the plug on his popular Twitter feed.

Cogman had become a regular source of behind-the-scenes intel on certain scenes from the show over the years, like when he revealed that the Season 7 episode "Stormborn," which he wrote, was supposed to include a scene between Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and his direwolf Ghost as "a brief goodbye beat" to answer the question of whether the King in the North's four-legged sidekick was still alive and well.

Before pulling the plug on his account over the weekend, he explained to fans that he was leaving the social media platform in order to spend more time with his family and focus on work. He added that the decision to quit the site was not due to any "negativity" or fan backlash.

Cogman wrote: "It's been grand, but I must leave you. Not an easy decision, I just spend too much time on here. Have tried to take breaks but I am not strong enough. Need to close the account to focus on family and work. Some exciting stuff coming up for me that you'll hear about soon. Really appreciate all the amazing people I've met on here. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the season and please remember: be kind to each other!"

He also added that his decision to leave the site was not due to "negativity."

Cogman's account had become a go-to source of crucial information about how showrunners could explain certain apparent inconsistencies in the plot, like when fans wondered how certain characters could travel across Westeros in the blink of an eye and why Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey)'s hair was still short, if so much time had passed since her "Shame!" moment.