Ron Moore by Trae Patton/Sci Fi Channel Ron Moore by Trae Patton/Sci Fi Channel

Fox is blasting off its new programming orders with Virtuality, a two-hour sci-fi pilot from BermanBraun and Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore and Michael Taylor. The story follows 12 astronauts who are on a 10-year mission to find a distant solar system. They must be pretty bored up there, because they pass the time by hooking up to virtual reality modules - think Second Life, but you get sucked into the action. Good sci-fi trouble ensues when someone (perhaps a crew member?) hacks into the VR system and infects it with a virus.

The concept came from Lloyd Braun, who, along with Gail Berman, pitched it to writers; Moore and Taylor turned out to be the perfect fit. Fox boss/former Peacocker Kevin Reilly bought the program after NBC passed, saying, "Moore and Taylor have taken a complex concept and made it incredibly accessible."

Producers want to shoot Virtuality this summer with an eye on a February 2009 launch.

Are you excited about another sci-fi show from Ron Moore? - Erin Fox

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