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Gabrielle Union Throws Epic Shade at Stacey Dash over BET Comments

What did she say?

Malcolm Venable

There are a few schools of thought on how to respond to a comment you don't like: greet it head on (the Aunt Viv), ignore it or, the True Diva mode, which is to fail to even recognize the entire existence of the person who said the dumb thing in the first place.

That brings us to Gabrielle Union, who gave a master class in severe shade throwing Monday. CBS News says that Union, who was at Sundance promoting her new film Birth of a Nation, served up a legendary burn when asked about Stacey Dash's recent comments negating the need for black outlets, including BET.

Stacey Dash keeps talking: BET lies to black people

"Who's Stacey Dash?," Union said. "Is she like related to Dame Dash? Was she on Roc-A-Fella? I heard of a crazy lady once, maybe last week. But I don't know what her name is." Ouch!

Union then quickly explains that those awards are about serving and celebrating groups that don't see themselves in the mainstream - even throwing in the Country Music Awards as an example. Given that Union's BET show Being Mary Janeaveraged well over 2 million viewers a week in its last season, she not only knows what she's talking about but, is actually on a successful show too. Your move Stacey. Or, better yet, maybe not.

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