When Full Frontal with Samantha Beepremieres on Monday, former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee will become the only female late night host in a sea of men, most of them named James.

But Bee remains hopeful about the future of women in late night. "It's not like I'm the only one who ever has been and I'm not going to be the last, that's for sure," Bee tells TVGuide.com. "I hope that [Full Frontal] opens the door for people, or makes it more appealing to give more women those kinds of spots."

However, more than anything, Bee hopes to simply create a quality show that people will watch.

Unlike other late night series, Full Frontal won't be your typical talk show with a parade of celebrity guests each week. Instead, Bee describes it as a half-hour, topical comedy show where the writers "look for the stories that are out there that make us go, 'Aah! Why is that happening?' And then we put jokes on that."

Samantha Bee proves she has the balls to take on the men of late night

Since Full Frontal only airs once a week, it allows Bee more time to muse over each topic and develop a considered opinion, rather than provide quick reactions to that day's biggest news stories. And everything you see and hear on the show will be distinctly Samantha Bee. "I think this is going to be a much more authentic experience of my interest, because literally everything on the show will be filtered through my viewpoint," Bee says.

See what else Bee has to say about Full Frontal and its place in late night in the video above.

Full Frontal airs Mondays at 10:30/9:30c on TBS.