Fringe Fringe

Fringe moving to Friday may seem earth shattering to some of its fans, but at FOX's TCA party on January 11, Lance Reddick and Jasika Nicole previewed future plot lines that will literally put the Fringe division on shaky ground.

"The degradation of the physical universe that is happening in the alternate universe is going to start happening on the primary side," says Reddick. Adds Nicole, "It's no longer about needing to communicate with them and say, 'Look, we don't want to be at war, we just want peace.' It doesn't really matter because the worlds are starting to come apart at the seams in a fundamental way. The trajectory of the show is figuring out how to stop that from happening, so that our universe doesn't become like theirs, because theirs is practically destroyed."

The earth is not the only thing rattled on the latter half of Season 3. "The biggest tease that I can offer you is that this love affair between Peter and Olivia, which involved another Olivia, has not ended," says Nicole. "You're going to get your first hint about what it means in the first episode back, at the very end. And if you blink you'll miss it. It's something at the very, very end if the episode — a little trigger — and it [points to] something that happens in the future. It's going to link the universes in a way that they have never been linked before."

And in February, after the great success of the previous flashback episode, Fringe is delving into Alterna-Peter's childhood in episode 15. "It's actually a flashback in both universes," reveals Nicole. "It delves even deeper into the inner workings of why [Walter] took his son but more importantly, what happens to a child when they're taken from another universe? Does he know? He knows that there's something different about his parents."

Nicole says she's not worried about the time shift, from Thursday nights to Fridays. "I don't know if it's because I'm super optimistic but I don't see how this could be bad for us," she tells us. "On Friday night we're contending with less, so I feel like if anything, we might even gain some people. I think that if we can maintain ourselves, and maybe gain some more [viewers], that would be really good. And I can't imagine that not happening."

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