Fringe , the most buzzed-about show of the Fall, held its premiere party in NYC Monday night in an old loft warehouse. In something straight out of a mystery/thriller, the building was unmarked and security men in dark suits patrolled the front as fashionable guests strutted inside. Once I made it past check-in, I was escorted around a corner to board a freight elevator that was so - er - (I'm trying to be polite here) rough around the edges, I thought it might take us down to some creepy bat cave instead of a hot premiere party. The space, which was big enough to fit an entire party in itself, went slowly up nine stories... I laughed to myself: "This is so

J.J. Abrams to have the premiere of his new show in such a clandestine venue." The elevator doors opened to foggy air, blue lights illuminating the seating and

Fringe images projected all over the walls. It was kinda like the inside of a spaceship, but with cocktails! There, I met up with our own Mickey O'Connor and we chatted about the cool surroundings, while noting that the party seemed to be a little empty. As a tray of S'mores passed by (oh yes, I had one), someone told us that everyone was on the roof. Bingo! Up on the roof, the cast and producers, including Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, Mark Valley and J.J. Abrams were enjoying the beautiful view. I admitted to Mark that I had worked with him back on Days of Our Lives 12 years ago. (Suddenly, I heard "Memories" floating through the air as a single tear slid down my cheek). I'm sure he didn't have the same feelings. Josh Jackson is as charming and funny as you'd think he'd be, and is a self-admitted sci fi nerd to boot... if I wasn't married... At the end of the night, I chatted with one of the show creators Alex Kurtzman you may know him and writing partner Roberto Orci from tiny, unknown projects like Transformers and the new Star Trek movie and he said that shows like Twilight Zone and Twin Peaks were huge influences on him when he was younger. And, the reason they sat down to write this show was because they kept thinking about what they were wanted to see on TV as fans: They felt that procedurals were really "missing strong character development." Ooh, now I'm really excited to see where they take Fringe. As I left the party after one last swig of my glowing green cocktail, I passed by J.J. Abrams and nodded my head at him. This guy knows how to create a show... and throw a party. - Erin Fox