Friends We all knew it couldn't last (and frankly, did anyone want it to go on this long?): Ross and Charlie (Aisha Tyler) broke up, with Charlie reuniting with her ex, played by the deliciously droll Greg Kinnear. I'll admit it's a cute conceit having two former Talk Soup hosts (Kinnear made the show; Tyler sent it to the glue factory) play these characters, but it made me wonder if I would have liked Charlie more had she been played by Hal Sparks instead. And Joey's commercial for that Japanese lipstick for men was a hoot. He hasn't been that funny since he showed off his "jazz hands."

Survivor: Pearl Islands Burton and Lill, the Sally Field of Survivor ("I am a nice person!"), are back in the game, just in time for Drake and Morgan to merge into one team, Balboa. It was nice to see Rupert and Burton bury the hatchet, but it was even better watching everyone kiss Lill's butt in hopes of securing her allegiance. In the end, sexy Savage (there's just something about man in a blazer and boxers) got the boot and Jon went to the head of the line for the next dropkick.

CSI Grissom takes a solo road trip to investigate a severed head discovered in a small town outside of Sin City, where Henry Czerny (Kittridge from Mission: Impossible) does a nice turn as the standoffish local sheriff. While it was fun to focus on just Gris for almost the entire episode, the plot was pretty far-fetched. But Gris does get to play MacGyver when his evidence kit is stolen, and William Petersen confirms my theory that backwards baseball caps up any guy's cuteness factor.

Will & Grace Granted, Grace has been written out of upcoming episodes to accommodate Debra Messing's pregnancy, but couldn't she at least have sent Will a postcard? Where did Leo take her, the Bermuda Triangle? Anyway, Karen gets her groove back with John Cleese, who pops up as the amorous father of Karen's nemesis, Lorraine. The proper Brit is the perfect match for our lusty, busty boozehound. Meanwhile, America is now acquainted with the guilty pleasure that is Dylan McDermott in a ribbed turtleneck sweater.

Scrubs I love Tom Cavanagh, but I just don't buy him as J.D.'s jerky brother. The same goes for Sarah Chalke as a sex kitten. To quote Joan Cusack in Working Girl: "Sometimes I sing and dance around the house in my underwear. Doesn't make me Madonna. Never will."

L'Oreal Haircolor Commercial Can anyone explain to me why Third Watch's Eddie Cibrian is in an ad for women's hair dye? No argument he's a hottie, but he doesn't exactly scream tones and highlights.

Without a Trace A teen disappears and the investigation reveals that his friends were engaging in afternoon orgies. While the whole story, which also involves jealousy, sexual assault, infidelity and a vigilante sheriff, is too convoluted for me to buy into, I was surprised by the case's outcome. Mazzy Star's "Fade into You" may never be quite the same for me again.

ER It's another emotional shift at County as Michael Angarano (Jack's son on Will & Grace) turns in an affecting performance as a troubled teen who's being drugged into submission by his foster-care agency; meanwhile, a suddenly by-the-book Pratt struggles to persuade a distraught mother to let her severely premature baby live. Finally, if next week's teaser is to be believed, the future of Bob Newhart's character looks pretty bleak. One can't help but hope that he'll wake up to discover it was all just a dream.