Friends Oh. My. God. I almost fell off the couch when Janice came down those stairs! Sure this show has had a ton of memorable bit players and they all can't come back for the finale, but I would have been so disappointed if I didn't get to hear Maggie Wheeler's grating cackle and nasally voice utter those three words — which have become one of the show's singular catchphrases, not to mention one of my personal favorite spontaneous utterances — one more time. I know it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw that ridiculous sweater-scarf-luggage-strap ensemble Rachel was wearing. For a moment I thought she was wearing a tie, only to realize that her quite cute matching sweater and scarf were connected by what I can only describe as a buckled contraption, which she kept awkwardly tugging on. I can only assume that this look is all the rage in Paris and she's gearing up for her new life in France. That or Patricia Fields was a wardrobe consultant.

Survivor: All-Stars Is it just me or is Ambuh really gonna win this thing? My initial reaction to her alliance with Boston Rob was revulsion, but that was simply based on the superficial observation that he's gross. Now I'm bordering on being impressed by her strategy, especially because tonight was the first time I got the impression that there is a shrewd mind behind those big green eyes. I don't think that Rob is used to getting attention of girls like Amber and that's her not-so-secret-to-everyone-but-Rob weapon. The longer she can stomach his affections, the longer he'll protect her and the farther he'll get her. As for tonight's ouster, Alicia, how much farther did she honestly expect to get? She's the strongest woman and probably the third-strongest player, behind Rupert and Rob. If Shii Ann won immunity, Alicia was obviously next in line. And Shii Ann deserved to win. I couldn't hold my arm up for longer than 15 minutes. Yes, I tried it. How else was I supposed to amuse myself while watching...

Will & Grace Note to writers: Stop it already with the scripted excuses explaining away Grace's absence. Anyone who watches the show knows all about Debra Messing's pregnancy-related hiatus. Making up lame excuses as to why we don't see Grace is just insulting. Although not as insulting as Laura Kightlinger's joke about an unseen character's feminine malady.

Scrubs Predictably, JD tells Elliot how he feels about her after she and her boyfriend decide to move in together, she dumps said beau for JD and JD freaks out when he realizes that he doesn't want her now that he has her. Even though it was an example of shameless cross-promotion, I'm with the Janitor on his assessment of the saga: "Will they, won't they? It's not like you're Ross and Rachel." Enough already!

ER Just a handful of observations to get off my chest (pun intended, you'll see):
1. The Supremes' "Keep Me Hangin' On" was playing in the background as Sam had lunch with Alex's deadbeat dad.
2. Did anyone else think "Seth Cohen" when they saw Neela's lab supervisor?
3. I'm not a Tolkien aficionado — although didn't Ross look like Golem when he offered Rachel's boss that dinosaur-egg replica on Friends? — but don't elves speak Elvish? I'm pretty sure Elvin was the oldest daughter's husband on The Cosby Show. (Not to be confused with Eldin, who was Murphy Brown's house painter.)
4. Elizabeth's a bloody fool for cheating on that hot British doc.
5. I'm officially all breast-talked out. While the storyline involving a patient's discomfort during a breast exam performed by Pratt is certainly a scenario experienced by likely more patients and doctors would care to admit, other elements like the prominent bras on patients (which I never recall noticing before) and the use of a certain other term for breasts seemed too much for one episode. And then Jerry posing as the breast-exam dummy sent me over the edge. Besides, isn't this the same network that blurred out an elderly woman's breast a little while back?

Sprint Camera Phone Commercial How hilarious is that evil little sock-stealing man?

PrimeTime Thursday I don't know what disturbed me more about tonight's installment of this "news"magazine: That catching up with former American Idol finalists Tamyra, Kimberley and R.J. was considered "newsworthy," or that it was the lead story over an inspiring yet heartbreaking story about autism focusing on one family with three afflicted sons and their struggles to cope with the emotional and financial strains that inevitably accompany the boys' little understood disorder. I would blame anchor Diane Sawyer but judging by her girlish getup tonight she was probably too busy wardrobe shopping with Katie Couric to have done anything about it.