Friends Not one but two reruns?! Yeah, you'll be there for me. In April.

Steve Harvey's Big Time The ever-smug comedian continues to mock his guests (he's more sincere hawking Burger King's Chicken-Caesar sandwich) on this variety show, which tonight should be called Steve Harvey's Big Top since all but one of his acts belongs in the circus. Among tonight's gems: an Eastern European who manipulates a bow and arrow with her feet; a South American woman who swings from a pole by her hair; and an American hula-hoop champion. All of a sudden, Cirque de Soleil ticket prices seem reasonable.

Tru Calling Nash Bridges' Jodi Lyn O'Keefe guest-stars as Tru's former best friend, whom she has to save from drowning at their five-year high-school reunion. Though the still-painful old wounds and rivalries and are melodramatically accurate, I have two major quibbles: My five-year reunion, which I'll never forgive my mom for guilting me into attending, was a BYOB public-park barbecue, not a catered f&#234te rivaling the prom. And, yet again, Eliza Dushku is wet (she jumps into the school pool to save O'Keefe).

Will & Grace Hal Linden guest-stars as an older suitor who showers Will with expensive gifts in return for the pleasure of his company. I'm sorry, but Barney Miller can never be gay. Fish maybe. Wojo probably. But not Barney. His bass-guitar-driven theme music's too masculine. Dowm, dooda dowm, dooda dowm...

Scrubs Tara Reid slurps a cocktail out of a toilet-paper roll. Could someone explain to me how this is a better career move than doing American Wedding?

Primetime Thursday OK. [Deep breath] I'm sure what I'm about to say is going to get me in trouble and I'm going to get at least one absolutely unwanted but sorely needed lesson in politics (and this is neither an invitation nor a request, so please don't waste your time chastising me or trying to show me the error of my ways), but here goes: So what if Howard Dean let loose his inner Tarzan during an obviously emotionally charged recent speech? (You've been in the same place as he was if you've ever been hopelessly stuck in traffic or been front row for your favorite band or burned the last of the Tater Tots.) It's about time we considered a political candidate who actually seems to be human and not a marionette spouting carefully scripted (translation: monosyllabic) rhetoric. I honestly know very little at this point about Dean's campaign, but I will agree with him on one thing for sure: Judy Dean is adorable. And good for her for placing her identity as a mother and physician above the tractor beam of becoming a Stepford — sorry, White House — wife. She doesn't have to literally stand by her man to, well, stand by her man.

Bands Reunited Hunky (yes, hunky) VH1 personality Aamer Haleem attempts to reunite disbanded music groups to mend fences and perform their old hits in concert. Tonight's featured band is Klymaxx, an all-female group famous for such '80s roller-skating and school-dance staples as I Miss You and Meeting in the Ladies Room. Despite the drama-rama that ensued when the estranged gals got together, let's just say that said meeting could have gone on forever and I wouldn't have missed them.

Inside/Out You know it's time for a reality-TV intervention when you watch a whole hour devoted to rapper Nelly's search for Miss Apple Bottoms USA. For the unenlightened, Nelly has a line of jeans called Apple Bottoms and he's holding open auditions in major cities across the country for bootylicious babes to model his denim. Personally, I can't quite figure out Nelly's seemingly overwhelming appeal, but he deserves mad props for celebrating women's natural assets in a carb-obsessed world of wafer-thin actresses and skeletal celebutantes.

Tonight Show Comedian and dead-on Christopher Walken impersonator Jay Mohr discusses topics ranging from parenthood to pets with Jay Leno, but his assessment of commercials for collect calls ("Who makes collect calls? Prisoners.") killed me. A pox on Fox for canceling Action.