Friends It's a shame this week's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy cameo was wasted on the unwatchable Good Morning, Miami when Ross is an obvious candidate for the Fab Five treatment. Kyan would have shown him how to use the spray-on tanning booth. And what was the point of Jennifer Coolidge's guest spot? She's hilarious in Best in Show and Legally Blonde, but for a moment I thought I was watching Anna Nicole Smith.

Survivor: Pearl Islands Drake wins the reward challenge but lets Morgan win the immunity challenge and votes off Burton instead of that Harpo Marx on speed, Jon. Y'all better hope Rupert doesn't come back from Morgan's camp a cannibal.

Threat Matrix I popped in during a Survivor commercial break to find the gang trying to contain an ebola epidemic spread by an infected dog while Kelly Rutherford's trapped in a yellow hazmat suit. So it's Outbreak without the monkey, Dustin Hoffman or an audience.

Scrubs Maureen McCormick has a groovy split-second cameo as JD's dream bride, Marcia Brady.

Will & Grace Although this series is becoming embarrassingly dependant on celebrity guest stars, Blythe Danner does a nice comic turn as Will's WASPy mom, who's depressed over her divorce. Danner's the rare type of actress who can go from appropriately disheveled suburbanite to Broadway musical groupie without missing a beat. And Karen tells Grace what we've been dying to: She hates Leo.

CSI A mummified corpse is discovered in a closet and gives a whole new meaning to "lady fingers." Also, NewsRadio's Stephen Root delivers a quietly moving performance as a distraught father who was unable to protect his teen daughter during a home invasion. I did not see the end of this one coming.

Coupling Jane's aunt dies and the gang attends the funeral. Funny stuff, especially the threesome references and the erection jokes. (That's sarcasm if anyone's confused.) The only thing that made me laugh was the cheesy homage to Reservoir Dogs. One of the guys (I still don't know or care which one is which) does a pretty decent Michael Madsen impression.

Without a Trace Far less disturbing than CSI, the plot was pretty predictable until the twist at the end, but one burning question still remains unanswered: Is James Remar Willem Dafoe's long-lost brother?

ER True to form, Carter breaks up with Abby in a letter. Romano gets a hook. Unfortunately, Dr. Dorset (the dreamy Bruno Campos) is the one who reels in Elizabeth, who finally gets her groove back — in the backseat of the hottie doc's sportscar. And Scott Grimes proves that there is life after Party of Five. (Jennifer Love Hewitt does not count.)

PT Cruiser Commercial Nice to know that the Backstreet Boys can still book a gig, even if it is as Celine Dion's backup singers.

Primetime Live Diane Sawyer interviews the "Seabiscuit of show biz," Clay Aiken, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who says it took her five years to get over Brad Pitt. I guess that means I should recover from Meet Joe Black any day now...