"Friendship over" were the two simple words that Barney uttered as he stormed out of the bar when he discovered that his best friend, Ted, had once dumped a porn star. Simple moments like that on How I Met Your Mother crack me up, as well as just how far they can push the boundaries of family comedy with the clever use of language. When Ted tells a different girl that the reason for the demise of their relationship is ineffable, she loudly responds "I'm not F-able?" Ah, that and all the lovely jokes about nipples barely prepared me for... Two and a Half Men. I expect raunchy and outrageous comments out of the mouths of Charlie, Alan and Berta the show's so-called adults. Like when Berta quips to a downtrodden Alan, "It's a shame you're paying all that money for your ex-wife and your ex-wife's house and you're not allowed in either of them." Not shocking. But it still gets me whenever pint-size, scene-stealing Jake comes across with something a little bit off-color. "I'm masticating," he tells his father, with a smirk. "Don't worry; it doesn't mean what you think it means." When a stunned Alan asks what he think its supposed to mean, Jake just shrugs and says, "You know." With that cherubic little face, he can get away with just about anything.... And because everyone keeps writing in and asking about Medium, I decided to give the show a shot. Hey, I ended up liking Ghost Whisperer. I totally love Allison's eldest daughter, who learns a hard lesson about helping out an older guy who takes advantage of her "lucky" ability. So sweet and realistic. And does Allison have the most understanding husband on earth or what? Sure, he got frustrated that his wife was sleepwalking, taking cash out of their bank accounts and wandering into traffic, but that seems normal under the circumstances. I was way more invested in the family drama than the case, though; it just seemed so secondary. But that's OK by me, since I get overloaded with all the crime-fighting shows out there. Angel Cohn

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