Free Ride
So remember about a month ago I was saying how I hope Fox gives this show a chance? I think I've changed my mind. I suppose it was funny watching all these atrocious things keep happening to Nate, but it was just one big predictable irony after the next. So the episode kicked off with Dove winning the third-annual tanning contest the third year in a row. I guess this is how they kill time in Johnson City, Missouri. When Nate went to congratulate Dove in the locker room, he found him in his birthday suit, and Nate became super-uncomfortable seeing Dove's "action. Unfortunately for Nate, it wasn't the last naked man he would come across. Even worse, the next one was his dad, and while he was freaking out, his dad tried to reassure him, "that's where you came from, Daddy's penis. Things just kept spinning downhill for Nate when his card was declined at the bank and Amber was the one to break the bad news. And then she had to confiscate it. It must be pretty embarrassing for the girl you love to find out you're flat broke, huh, Nate? And if things weren't already horrible enough, the new construction job Nate took to earn some cash turned out to be (you guessed it) the house Amber and her fiancé bought. I wonder if things will start turning around for Nate before the show gets canceled.