Free Ride
Just when things couldn't get any worse for Nate, they got absolutely horrible, and then some. As if moving back home with wacky parents who are in therapy, having a crush on an engaged girl and friends who go to bed at 9:30 wasn't enough. Tonight Nate managed to get his dad in a coma and then flatline after feeding him too many painkillers. It all began when Dad needed a ride to the hospital for his routine colonoscopy and Nate got stuck with the chore since his mom said he had to become a responsible adult. Or, as he put it, doing the "butt-check rite of passage." Well the camera-up-the-rear-end test went smoothly, but while Nate was distracted with cell-phone video games, his father hit his head on the toilet and fell into a coma. Nate wasn't sure how to break the news to his mom, so the very smart doctor advised him to start off with "Mom, I screwed up." It's amazing how far a med-school degree can get you in life. Those reassuring words still didn't stop his mom from calling him an idiot repeatedly, which I'm sure must be doing wonders for Nate's self-esteem. Luckily, Dad was strong and able to survive the near-death experience, even though Mom's way of helping was telling Nate, "It definitely was your fault" and "You feel horrible as an adult and that's gotta be a good feeling." Let's hope Nate never lets Mom down again, 'cause I can only imagine how harsh those words will be!