Free Ride
Well, Im keeping my fingers crossed that Fox gives this show a chance and doesnt pull it from our viewing pleasure too soon. I couldn't think of a better name for this show if I had written it myself, since, I'll admit, I am an expert on the subject. "Free ride" is such a perfect title for that oh-so-wonderful period in ones life when one moves back home with the parents after college graduation. Enter Nate Stahlings, who returned to Johnson City, Missouri (population 32,851) after a four-year beer-chugging fest, aka, earned a college degree in Santa Barbara. I loved his excuse for staying with his parents: "They take care of me, they do the dishes, they cook me food, it's like having servants." But unfortunately for Nate, his fantasy bubble was burst when he learned Mom and Dad were in therapy, his room had been turned into a gym, and he couldn't even crash on the couch because that's where his dad had been sleeping. Oh, except for Wednesdays, which brought out the good side of therapy: "sex days." Something I hope to never hear anyones parents talk about again. But it was hilarious hearing Mr. Stahlings describe Nate's crush, Amber the bank teller, as having a "sweet little nose" and a "sweet little midriff you could snowboard on." Kinda reminds me of Al Bundy. Too bad, though, 'cause Amber was engaged to a jerk from high school who gave Nate a black eye at the bar. But I have a feeling nothing is going to stop Nate from going after what he truly wants... even though he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Here's hoping the free ride will be a smooth one for our clueless yet somewhat ambitious hero.