<EM>Rock Star: INXS</EM> Rock Star: INXS

Fox's website posted photos of the final eight days ago, so it seems like they've dropped all pretense of suspense. Bye-bye, Destini and Ryan. So we finally got the episode down to an hour, and now I kind of miss the studio montages where the guys drop the girls while learning their routines and everyone bursts out laughing. Plus, by the time the judges had their say after the couples' second dances I'd forgotten their first performances.
Nick and Kamilah: Their mambo was a little Big Bird-meets-jazz hands, and I hardly saw any actual mambo steps. The choreography for the contemporary piece was phenomenal, though, and Kamilah got to be something other than a sex bomb for once.
Blake and Melody: Unlike the judges, I thought their lyrical was jerky and annoying. And I agree with Nigel that the disco was very automatic. They're all too blinded by their love for Blake to put him in the bottom.
Artem and Ashle: Artem is as lucky as Jamile is cursed. Why is the ballroom-to-other-dances ratio like, 5 to 1? The fox-trot was gorgeous, stylish and effortless. Ashle's got the best dancer body in the bunch and, man, did she show it in the cha-cha. I don't know enough about ballroom to understand why these two were in the bottom.
Jamile and Melissa: The hip-hop was as impressive as last week's, but this time we had Melissa's mini-me look and gaping mouth to add humor to it. It was unfair to expect a natural physical comedian like Jamile to be a convincing bullfighter in the paso doble.

So the two best women in the competition wound up in the bottom, and I think Melissa's going home, 'cause her solo lacked the sophistication of Ashle's. Jamile's solos just keep getting better with each week he's at the bottom, and his was much more crowd-pleasing than Artem's chest-showing spaghetti-arm thing.