Fox is developing a contemporary take on Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The project, which is tentatively titled Georgia and the Seven Associates, will be produced by ABC Studios, written by Chris Brancato, David Weissman and David Diamond, and directed by Office alum Ken Kwapis, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The hour-long dramedy, is set around a modern Snow White character - a young lawyer named Georgia Burnett. She's been banished from a law firm run by her stepmother and must team up with seven quirky lawyers at a storefront legal office.

Producer Chris Brancato told The Reporter, "It is L.A. Law vs. the little engine that could." The associates at the firm will have the personalities (no word on if they will have the physical traits, like a allergy prone Sneezy) of the Seven Dwarfs: Doc will be an ambulance chaser who carries neck braces in his trunk.

Adding to the fairy tale theme, some of the legal cases will be modernized fables, like one about three people whose homes will be snagged by Wolf Corp.

However, "the tone we are looking to do is grounded, and the humor comes out of the characters," Brancato said.

Do you think this modern fairy tale dramedy will blow your house down? - Erin Fox