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Fox Cancels Making History, Son of Zorn, and APB

Low ratings sent these freshman shows to their doom

Amanda Bell

Fox has dropped the ax on several of its newest shows after disappointing ratings plagued their first seasons.

Per Variety, the network has now decided to forego producing second seasons of Making History, Son of Zorn, and APB.

Making History starred Adam Pally, Leighton Meester, Yassir Lester, John Gemberling, and Neil Casey and featured friends traveling through time to witness (and participate in) key historical events. The show, which likely hoped to capitalize on the success of Drunk History, was originally scheduled for a 13-episode order before its premiere failed to reach its key demographic and was trimmed to just nine episodes for the inaugural season.

Meanwhile, Son of Zorn was a live-action and animation hybrid series surrounding a cartoon superhero named Zorn (Jason Sudeikis) who moved to California to be with his son. The show's premiere enjoyed respectable ratings, but by mid-season, it'd suffered a significant drop-off in viewership.


Son of Zorn, Fox

Finally, APB starred Weedsalum Justin Kirk as a billionaire who funded a Chicago police precinct in hopes of solving the murder of his friend. The series aimed to "present an optimistic vision of what policing can be," but viewership couldn't justify the network infusing similar gobs of cash into production.

Fox previously canceled Rosewood and Sleepy Hollow, and renewed Gotham and The Last Man on Earth.