Tom Felton, best known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter film franchise, has been cast in a major role for Season 3 of The CW's The Flash, according to TV Line.

In the show, Felton will play Julian Dorn, a Central City PD CSI who suspects Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is something more than his good guy reputation would have one believe — could he be on to the fact that Barry is secretly The Flash?

The CW sets fall premiere dates

Since Harry Potter, Felton has appeared in various TV roles for shows including TNT's Murder in the First and Neil LaBute's DirecTV miniseries Full Circle. Felton is expected to make his Flash debut early in the third season.

As for the show itself, Gustin took to Twitter to reveal the upcoming Flash Season 3 premiere would be titled "Flashpoint," leading many to speculate that Season 3 would be an adaptation of the famed DC Comics storyline of the same name.

In original lore, "Flashpoint" follows Barry as he navigates the world after waking up in a new timeline where his mother is alive, his father is dead and The Flash doesn't exist. Events for something along these lines were kicked off at the end of last season after Barry went back in time to save his mother before she was killed by future nemesis Eobard Thawne.