Back in 1984, Firestarter's Charlie McGee was being played as a precocious if pyrokinetic tot by Drew Barrymore in a big-screen adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Now, nearly two decades later, Marguerite Moreau steps into the role for a Sci Fi Channel sequel, Firestarter II: The Next Chapter, to air later this year. And as the character has grown, so have her powers of destruction.

"I got to blow up a whole town," the actress confides to TV Guide Online, adding with a laugh, "A girl has to have dreams, and she can't compromise them!"

Bringing the story to the small screen has put the actress in the line of fire, literally, on a near-daily basis, and just hearing about her daughter's combustible antics gave her mom the chills. "She was like, 'Can you please stop calling and telling me what you're doing, because it's freaking me out!'"

Oddly, watching tapes of her offspring wreaking havoc has had a calming effect on Mom. "It always helps a mom when she has a visual, because their imaginations are much worse."

As for Moreau, who began this project immediately after wrapping the vampire saga Queen of the Damned, she opted to avoid seeing her predecessor's take on the character. "I watched about 10 minutes of the original, then turned it off because I wanted to kind of do my own thing."

But one thing about Charlie remains the same: "If you p--- her off," Moreau warns, "you better run!"