Nathan Fillion, Emily Deschanel, Ian Somerhalder Nathan Fillion, Emily Deschanel, Ian Somerhalder

It's that time of year we both love and dread: TV finale season!

Must-watch finales: Scoop on 39 season-enders

For every blooming romance or shocking pregnancy, there's a brutal betrayal or a heartbreaking death. From the looks of things, this year will be no exception. How is anyone supposed to sort through it all?That's where we come in! Our finale preview

has juicy spoilers about all of this year's biggest season-enders. Are Castle and Beckett finally going to hook up on Castle? Who is going to die on Hawaii Five-0? Will Leslie Knope win the election on Parks and Recreation? Will Damon and Stefan be able to contain Klaus on The Vampire Diaries? What might come between Booth and Brennan on Bones?

32 bubble shows: Which will survive?

We've got all the answers to those questions and more! Plus: We celebrate this TV season's MVPs and examine which bubble shows might be signing off for good. Don't forget to also print out our finale calendar so you won't miss any of your favorites.

What are you waiting for? Check out our guide to all of this year's must-see season finales right now!