Eric Roberts by Chris Large/NBC Eric Roberts by Chris Large/NBC

So, is there anything to fear in Fear Itself? The new NBC summer horror anthology premieres on June 5, and if the first episode "Sacrifice" is any indication, audiences will more likely be more grossed out than freaked. But, you will get to see some familiar faces in these scary stories - Friday Night Lights' star Jesse Plemons plays one of the lead characters in the first installment.

When Plemons was asked if his "Sacrifice" character sounded similar to Landry on FNL, he responded, " I kind of pictured him as a similar type of guy as Landry on Friday Night Lights. There's a dialogue in the script, it just seemed like he is one of those kids that didn't quite fit in."

Eric Roberts is the star of the second episode, "Spooked," and says he was drawn to the part because of the producers' great reputations, and that his "commitment came through because of the script itself. It was just juicy." Apparently Roberts has been offered to play many crazy people, but "this guy was kind of a normal a-hole who becomes possessed basically by this experience."

You might wonder if this is just another Twilight Zone rip-off with an added dose of horror, but producers told, "One of the cool things about an anthology is that every one of these films is completely separate and unique from all the others." Basically, some of the 13 episodes may have a Twilight Zone-type feel, but others "are at the very opposite end of the spectrum of the genre."

Are you excited for some summertime thrills and chills? Do you think network television can deliver in the horror genre? - Erin Fox

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