In the two-part Season 3 midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, a new leader emerged and fans couldn't get enough of seeing Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) come into her own.

With Madison and Walker away on a mission to buy water, it fell to Alicia and Nick (Frank Dillane) to hold things down at the Ranch, which was no easy task but one Alicia took care of with grace and honor. She talked some angry ranch-dwellers down when they were confronting Jake about the water shortage. Later, she stopped one of them from double-dipping at the well, proving that she's willing to enforce the rules against the group of which she's a member. She even revealed to the people that the water shortage was much more severe than Walker and her mother were letting on, and said that they all had to work together if they were going to survive.

But the crowning moment for Alicia in the premiere came at the end of the episode. During a stand-off between militiamen and Black Hatters over the Nation digging for water, Alicia took a major stand, jumping in and helping them dig, extending a symbolic olive branch showing that at least one white person wanted to coexist.

The premiere set a course for Alicia to continue asserting herself as a leader this season and, more importantly, one who cares about justice. Unlike Jake, she has an iron spine; and unlike her mother, she still has a moral compass. She may be the exact leader Fear the Walking Dead needs — something which fans on Twitter were more than quick to point out and celebrate.

To sum up, Alicia is the queen.

And the boss.

And the only one who seems to truly understand the whole situation.

Look at Alicia. She's the captain now.

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