Jon Favreau has a hard time getting women to have dinner with him. No, his marriage isn't in trouble. The Elf director merely wants more famous female diners on his IFC chatfest, Dinner for Five (Fridays at 10 pm/ET). While there's seemingly a plethora of men ready to enjoy a free meal and some casual banter, it's harder to persuade Hollywood's lady luminaries to join in the fun.

"We have tried doing an all-women show," Favreau tells TV Guide Online, "but it is incredibly hard to find people and book them. Also, it is a lot easier for a guy to eat on camera and not be afraid of looking like a pig."

No matter who the guests are, their affable host does his best to show everyone a good time. "To me, it is about the relationships with these people," the 37-year-old Favreau says of the series. "I try to make them feel comfortable, and if they say anything they wish they didn't, I let them cut it out. It is all about trust. I find that if you let people feel honored and trusted, they are going to relax more and show a side of [themselves] that [they] normally wouldn't."

Has any juicy gossip ended up on the cutting-room floor? "We have had some ugly moments," he admits. "But more so, we have people who say things that they wish they hadn't. They start ragging on a movie, and then they realize somebody very powerful or important is involved with [it] and they might be up for a part in their next movie.

"It is rarely something that would have made the show anyway," he continues, "but by giving them the freedom of being able to cut that stuff out, they are more relaxed. And stuff that you'd think they'd want to cut out, they don't care about."