<EM>Surface</EM> Surface

Our favorite star-crossed Loch Ness Monster hunters are back together this week, hot on the trail of the Big Bad Specimen A that Laura managed to tag last time. Seriously, if these two aren't MFEO (that's Made For Each Other) in their obsessive-compulsive Captain Ahab routine, I don't know who is. When Rich gets a load of Laura's shrine-o'-newspaper-clippings, he tells her, "I thought I'd gone overboard." Guess what, Surface cast? I'm instituting a dollar-a-pun rule it's a crisp greenback in the jar every time you spout a bit of cutesy, water-related dialogue. (Uh-oh. I don't owe a buck for "spout," do I?) After some death-defying highway hot-doggery, the pair manage to score their first above-water sighting alongside an entire marina full of tourists. We've got monster on tape! Oh wait, no we don't. Thanks a lot, electromagnetic superpowers. Whose side are you on, anyway?

Hip! Hip! Hooray for the B-story: Nim's loose in the Piggly Wiggly! Now this is the sort of mayhem I've been waiting for. Although I gotta say, I certainly didn't think our peanut-bin-and-lobster-tank high jinks were gonna end with a sobering nail-gun incident. Miles is teary-eyed! Nim's making sad baby-beastie noises! Break my heart, why don't you? And let me just take this opportunity to mention: I'm liking this Carter Jenkins kid more and more affable, funny without trying too hard, adorably invested in this little CGI critter. Reminds me a little of John Francis Daley back in his Freaks and Geeks days, but with fewer wedgies.

If the promo is to be believed, somebody bites it next week. Can I put my vote in for Miles' snotty big sis? Or at least for her wardrobe consultant? I've seen just about enough gratuitous teenage bikini torso for now, thanks.