In releasing his 41st annual Worst Dressed Women list, fashion critic Mr. Blackwell pulled no punches in explaining why chart topper Britney Spears placed No. 1. "Oops, she did it again," he scowled. "Her bra-topped collection of Madonna rejects are pure fashion overkill. Relax. Help is on the way." Speaking of Madonna, the Music maker — who donned a Britney Spears T-shirt at her recent New York concert — placed fourth. "From Ghetto Glam to Rhinestone Cowgirl to Mrs. Guy Ritchie," Blackwell said. "Any way you label it, she's still just kitschy, kitschy, kitschy." Also making the cut: Angelina Jolie (No. 2), Björk (No. 3), Elizabeth Hurley (No. 5), Christina Aguilera (No. 6), Dr. Laura Schlessinger (No. 7), Courtney Love (No. 8), Mariah Carey (No. 9) and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris (No. 10).