Who better to put words into the mouth of Farscape rocket man John Crichton than Ben Browder, who has spent two-and-a-half seasons uttering the outlandish, occasionally nonsensical dialogue of the lost-in-space astronaut?

"I've got one of the best jobs in the world," marvels the vivacious actor, who tells TV Guide Online that he jumped at the opportunity to write the "Green-Eyed Monster" episode of the Sci Fi Channel series, airing tonight at 9 pm/ET. "The show has such an eclectic nature, and is just a blast to be a part of."

As tonight's journey takes fans into Browder's imagination, his alter ego's crew must deal with the fact that their living spaceship's offspring (don't ask!) has been swallowed by a giant Budong. Offbeat? Nah. It's just another day for the intergalactic misfits. "The bizarre places we go are, in some ways, the natural places to go," says the neophyte scribe. "To not go there would seem unnatural to me."

It's also not in the actor's nature to spoon-feed viewers plot points. "Our fans are pretty bright," he insists. "I give the audience credit that they're going to make sense of what's happening, [so] I don't try to deliver stuff on a platter and say, 'Here's what I'm doing.' Instead, I try to give them what I think is interesting and real, and assume that they're smart enough to figure it out."