It's been over a month since star-crossed lovers John Crichton and Aeryn Sun met their untimely ends (or did they...?) on the shocking series finale of Sci Fi's Farscape, but Crichton's portrayer, Ben Browder, still receives strong feedback on the cult series' controversial ending. "I've heard that people hate it, and I've heard that people love it," he tells TV Guide Online. "It's funny. For years I had been saying, 'We should kill a main character in a drive-by shooting.' I just didn't expect it to be me!

"It's difficult to judge [the finale] on a personal level," he adds. "I always see it and I say, 'Damn, is that it?' But that's just because I want to go back to work in the morning."

Browder recently got his wish... kind of. While Farscape sadly remains in dry dock, the ex-astronaut/action hero appears in a supporting role on tonight's episode of CSI: Miami (10 pm/ET on CBS). He plays Danny Maxwell, a bouncer at a trendy Miami nightclub where several customers are killed in a sudden fire. At first, the blaze appears accidental, but the CSI team soon decides they have an arsonist on their hands. "Danny is part of the investigation," Browder explains. "Like everybody else on the show, however, he is also investigated."

Playing a bouncer wasn't much of a stretch for Browder, who used to work nightclub doors in his university days. "I got a college education and spare money during summers that way," he says. "At a certain point though, I realized that I was getting tired of breaking up fights. As much fun as it is preventing people from doing damage to one another, it can be a rough job."

Fortunately his six-day stint on CSI: Miami went smoothly. The only real problem he encountered was getting used to his terrestrial wardrobe. "It was a shock to shoot in street clothes," Browder laughs. "It was sort of like being naked. I wanted to put some leathers on and strap a plastic pistol to my hip. You walk on the set and go 'I'm not ready, I'm not leathered up!'"

That uncertainty faded as soon as he started filming the action sequences. "The first time I felt at home was when things started blowing up in front of me. I was like, 'Okay, I know how to do this!'" Somewhere, John Crichton is smiling.