As fans of this show, we've sat through the guzzling of cow blood and feasts of bugs and rats and even endured Richard Hatch's big, white, naked butt. Shudder. But the sight of Bruce writhing in helpless agony was one of the most disturbing images ever to air on Survivor. After managing to hang on with no solid alliance among a tribe of nitwits, it was a sad finish when it was his own body that caused his downfall. The man who called himself Mr. Miyagi suffered in that state for quite some time, as evidenced by how unwell he looked for the last several episodes. Hopefully he'll be able to return as part of the jury. And "boo" to Shane for trying to make Bruce's suffering about himself, as he just had to carry the stretcher sans shorts. Again, shudder.

The reward challenge brought back memories of the Rotu Four in Marquesas giving away the pecking order, except I wouldn't be surprised to see Danielle's and Shane's spots swapped. I loved the little voodoo figures, with Cirie stuffing her doll's bra and Aras fashioning his with a mini-faux-hawk. Shane and Courtney should have fitted theirs with miniature straitjackets, because they are both a boatload of crazy. Quite a bit of information came to light about the relationships among the former Casaya members, with only Aras and Cirie seeming as if they had a solid alliance. Hey, all that nighttime cuddling has to mean something, right? Shane thinks he's running the whole show, and they'll let him continue that delusion, but he's headed for a big fall. Maybe he should ask Twila from Vanuatu about just how smart it is to swear on your kid's life. But my guess is that Courtney will go before Shane as the game revealed that her tribe just does not think much of her at all.

While there is always lots of crap-talk on Survivor, this episode took it to an absurd level. Between Bruce's intestinal problems, Shane's repeated questions about "dropping a deuce" and Courtney talking about the cherry on her "poo-poo sundae," I felt like I was toilet-training a 2-year-old. Then again, with his sand-kicking, card-tossing tantrum, Shane was acting like a 2-year-old.