Family Guy courtesy Fox Family Guy courtesy Fox

The Griffins wrap Season 6 Sunday night, but unlike this year's stellar Star Wars spoof or the "Stewie Kills Lois" two-parter, creator Seth MacFarlane says the episode "is more of a traditional Family Guyif there can be such a thing."

Well, perhaps if Peter terrorizing Quahog is your idea of traditional. "He hits it off with a parrot at the vet [and] decides to walk around with it on his shoulder for a while," laughs MacFarlane. Convinced that he'd make a good pirate, "Peter then gets in his car, puts up a flag and starts robbing people." Chris makes a friend at the vet, too - a sweet young thang voiced by Amanda Bynes. "It's his first attempt at a normal adolescent relationship," says MacFarlane. "And as always, Peter steps inand [bleeps] it up."

Pops will have time to make it up to his son since Family Guy's been renewed for a seventh season, which MacFarlane promises will also include a return to that galaxy far, far away. "We're working on our Empire Strikes Back episode, and it's turning out to be as challenging and fun as our first [parody]." Sounds like the Farce is strong with this one. - Damian Holbrook