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Viewers are watching more TV now than ever — just not how they used to, according to the 2,306 participants of a new research study from Here are three viewing trends that are changing TV forever:

1. On demand and streaming are increasingly driving discovery. Forty-two percent are watching more streaming content than last year, and 89 percent of respondents said that they discovered new shows on demand or online after episodes or seasons aired.

2. People are watching more paid videos. It's not all freebies! Thirty percent of respondents who pay for video said that they are watching more paid video than they did in 2011.

3. Many people are using mobile devices to watch TV. We found that 68 percent of respondents are watching one to five hours of video per week via apps on their mobile devices (including on our own TV Guide app, which is available for free download in the App Store).

These survey results were presented at Ad Age's Social Engagement/Social TV Conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday. View the presentation here or below: