Prison Break by Bill Matlock/Fox Prison Break by Bill Matlock/Fox

Matt Mitovich here. Mickey O'Connor and I are out in Los Angeles at the Television Critics Association fall press tour, and today is all about Fox. The morning kicked off with a Prison Break-fast (and you thought I was bad with the puns). In between modest helpings of scrambled eggs, I chatted with PB exec producers Matt Olmstead and Zack Estrin, as well as several cast members. The highlights:

" Season 4 picks up a month or so after the Season 3 finale, which (let's admit it) came off as rushed - because it was, thanks to the WGA strike-shortened season. As such, we first see Michael in a suit, and in Los Angeles, raising questions along the lines of: "Wha' happened?!" Cue the occasional flashback.

" Which original character was hardest for the producers to keep on board for Season 4? T-Bag. But because of the excellent work of Robert Knepper, the scribes made sure to keep the hissing baddie in the mix, using the bird book of Whistler's which fell into Theodore's possession at season's end.

" I spoke to Jodi Lyn O'Keefe about Susan B./Gretchen getting a sister, one whom is paid a visit under, um, "extreme circumstances." No casting on that yet, though Jodi and I both had to wonder: What's Yasmine Bleeth up to?

" ( Spoiler alert.) MiSara fans will not have long to wait for that reunion. Not long at all. Sarah Wayne Callies revealed that by the first episode's end, the long- and oft-separated lovebirds will set eyes on each other. (Luckily, Sara's eyes are attached to a head which is still attached to a neck....) Will we finally get to see MiSara get to more-than-kiss? "It's still a 9 o'clock show," Callies answered with a wink.

" Prison Break: Cherry Hill is still in the works, though with a tweak. Originally, its clinker-bound female protagonist was to be introduced last season, in a short storyline arc with Michael. Since the WGA strike waylaid that plan, the character will no longer be seen on the mothership. Rather, Cherry Hill will launch cold, as more of a brand spin-off.

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