Desperate Housewives by Andrew Eccles/ABC Desperate Housewives by Andrew Eccles/ABC

Some tidbits from Marc Cherry and, as he calls them, his "lovely ladies" from the cast of Desperate Housewives, on the new season. - Mickey O'Connor

" Eva Longoria Parker is excited to play something other than glamorous. "I spend 10 minutes in makeup now instead of an hour," she says.

" Teri Hatcher describes Old Susan as being like: "Please love me." New Susan, she says, is more closed off to love and no longer needy about it. Series creator Cherry says that Hatcher's instincts about Susan five years later are good. "Susan's first scene in the season premiere is based on something Teri pitched to the writers," he reports.

" Cherry reconfirmed that Neal McDonough would be moving to Wisteria Lane - with revenge on his mind. "And I'll say no more," he teased.

" "Edie is like a bad boomerang; she just keeps coming back," joked Cherry about Nicollette Sheridan's five-year absence from the neighborhood. "I was sad to see my son go because it's interesting to show some of Edie's humanity," says Sheridan. "There's a lot more to her than we've seen. She's a lot more conscientious about things [this season], without losing her comedic edge."

" Executive producer Bob Daily made it clear that the five-year jump was basically permanent: "We might have a few flashbacks here and there, but the show is definitively five years in the future now."

" Cherry repeated his desire for Desperate Housewives to be a seven-season show. "Or," he teased, "that could be a ruthless ploy on my part to get obscene amounts of money for Season 8."

" All you James Denton fans out there? Cherry only said that we'd find out why Mike Delfino is no longer Susan's main squeeze, stopping short of confirming Denton's return to the show.

" There will not be a musical episode of Desperate Housewives. Cherry says it has already been done by too many other series. "I'd rather do something more off the beaten path," he says.