Fox is cashing in on its Joe Millionaire franchise this fall. The network — which unveils its new schedule later today — has slotted Joe 2 for Mondays at 8 pm. (Boston Public moves to Fridays at 9 pm, following Wanda at Large and Luis, a new sitcom starring Luis Guzman as a donut shop owner in New York.) American Juniors, a pint-sized American Idol, will be paired with 24 on Tuesdays until midseason, when Idol 3 launches. (Juniors kicks off its first edition on June 3, with Paula Abdul as host.) Fox's other new offerings include the Norm Macdonald comedy A Minute with Stan Hooper; the Jason Bateman-Portia de Rossi family farce Arrested Development; the modern-day Romeo and Juliet romance Skin; the Orange County, Calif., soap O.C.; and Tru Calling, a drama about a grad student who can go back in time and relive days of her life. Finally, Fastlane and John Doe have been cancelled. May they rest in peace. For a look at the complete fall schedule, click here.