How many fake CIA black-ops groups are out there? And what are the chances that Syd and Co. who had already been burned by one find a girl who is a victim of another manipulative control freak like Sloane? But I do like that this whole implausible situation gives my boy Marshall a new friend. He and Rachel did that whole geek-speak thing, and I didn't have a clue what they were saying, but it was fun to listen to them anyway. I just wonder if, in their downtime, one of them could whip up some of those tracking-device mints for my purse so the next time I misplace my wallet or keys I could trace them? I also thought it was cool to see Amy Acker as a bad girl who isn't blue. She needs to get more fight scenes, because although there was a big explosion and a car chase, I still found myself missing the heart-racing action that this show used to dole out so easily. Also, when they showed Syd and Vaughn's address, there was part of me that was hoping this was a clue, like in the good old days, but it seems like these little details don't really add up to any big hints... unless someone knows where

Zephyr Street
is and it has some significance. And I know that Nadia is in a coma and all, but I was so disinterested in Sloane trying to find a cure for her, or really anything that has to do with Sloane. So now that we know these pretty new agents, let's hope that someone gives them something fun to do soon, and they could throw in some wigs and foreign accents that would be even better.